What Makes London Barre A Standout?



Remaining true to Lotte Berk's technique, we believe in a more artistic approach to physical fitness. We connect breath to movement and music, resulting in an expression of the body, not a body going through motions.  Unlike many other classes out there, London Barre™ celebrates the artistic integrity of the movements, which taps into a joy and a freedom normally experienced only by trained dancers. Find your inner-glow; laugh out loud during class; have fun, and create a body you can really enjoy living in.   

Mirrors (or lack thereof)

We have no full-length wall mirrors in our boutique barre studio. Lotte Berk removed all mirrors from her studio in London, England when she realized how easily people can be distracted by their own image. This distraction renders a true mind-body connection impossible; you can't stay in the moment if you are simply staring at yourself in the mirror. At London Barre™ you will learn how your body feels when your alignment is off or when you need to make an adjustment... without needing to rely on a mirror. You will become aware of your own body from the inside out, which you will be able to use in your every day life, not just during class.


Music is very subjective, no question. In order for movement to connect to music, the music needs a strong beat something that makes you smile and gets your heart pumping and your toes tapping. Many barre studios use music that is simply background filler with no real connection to movement. At London Barre™ we handpick every piece of music based on the movement in question. You will connect to the movement which will increases your body awareness, resulting in a stronger, longer and leaner physique. You may even forget you are working out.