It's All About The Method


Fabulous. Fun. Functional. London Barre™ houses the original Lotte Berk technique, the way barre was intended. Without Lotte Berk, the barre fitness craze we know today would not exist. Ms. Berk was dubbed the architect of the female form, and no one shaped hips and bums like she did. But in a fitness landscape cluttered with barre classes, what is it that makes London Barre™ different? It's ALL IN THE METHOD.

This brilliant mind-body connection method is rooted in modern dance, yoga, and physical therapy. It relies solely on body weight resistance to sculpt and strengthen the entire body.

Designed with the non-dancer in mind, London Barre™ uses Berk's original moves in their original order (therein lies the genius, no muscle imbalances here). However, London Barre™ stays contemporary by linking dynamic dance-inspired transitional moves to keep the heart rate up while working the entire body. Each workout targets the deepest muscles of the core, glutes, thighs as well as the hidden muscles of the pelvic floor, and the use of our deep COREset Breathing Technique™ equal visible results in less time.